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5 Common Road, Claygate, Claygate, Surrey, KT10 0HG
FCA Number: 1005927
You can check the firm registration with the FCA here
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No. of Advisers: 1

At Balance Financial Planning we know building wealth is a gradual process, so it’s even more important you make well-informed decisions on how to keep it working for your future. Understanding your financial options can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. 
Whatever your goal, we will work with you to provide clarity, independent expert advice, peace of mind, and a financial plan to help you live today, and secure tomorrow.

  • Financial Planning
  • Pensions & Savings
  • Investments   
  • Retirement Planning
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection Insurance

Pension consolidation
Should I consolidate my pensions?
Many of us have moved companies and accumulated pension pots along the way. If you have a defined contribution pension, then typically consolidation is a good idea. The tricky part is getting started, discovering where your pensions are invested, and what’s worth keeping. Often, neglected pensions remain in default lifestyle funds out of sync with your risk profile and retirement goals. We can help, by running a performance and charges comparison of your existing pension funds versus your risk profile and ambitions. We’ll review the results of our report together before deciding a suitable course of action.
Retirement planning
Will my money run out in retirement?
Of course, savings could run out during retirement, however this is considerably less likely to happen with solid forecasting regarding income and spending. We use a powerful, tried and tested, cashflow modelling tool, which considers additional elements such as investment growth and inflation. We’ll also stress test some realistic scenarios and the results will provide visibility of your retirement finances and guidance on sensible spending patterns in the early years, without overspending.
I know I need to invest, but where do I start?
We believe every investment should have a purpose. By discussing this with you, discovering your time frame, investment experience, and reviewing your financial situation we’ll make an investment recommendation appropriate to your objective. Being independent, we can research the whole investment universe to find suitable investments tailored to your unique situation.
Financial planning
How can I feel more secure in my financial decisions?
Making financial decisions can be daunting, discussing them with a financial adviser can give you security. We’ll listen to your concerns, review your circumstances, and clearly explain the options, so you can make an informed decision. We’d also recommend putting a forward focused financial plan in place, that we’ll review annually, to provide ongoing re-assurance in the decisions you make and their likely future outcomes.
Our extensive advice journey is designed to provide you with clarity and time to make informed decisions. For best outcomes we take a holistic approach and look at all aspects of your finances, however, if you prefer, we can focus on any specific area you require advice on.
Our initial consultation and discovery sessions are free. It’s a chance for you to get to know us, and for us to understand your requirements, circumstances and whether we can provide you with the help you need. If you decide not to proceed beyond this stage, then there is no fee to be paid.
To find out how we can help, please get in touch to arrange an initial chat.

Min Pension Fund Level: £50,000
Min Wealth Fund Level: £50,000
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Balance Financial Planning Limited is based in Claygate, has 1 employee, and 1 Advisor in Financial Services. Balance Financial Planning Limited is registered with the FCA (registration number: 1005927). You can check the firm registration with the FCA here.

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