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Totum Financial Planning Limited

26 Rod Mill Grove, Prescot, L34 1AB
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You can check the firm registration with the FCA here
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No. of Advisers: 1

As a firm of Lifestyle Financial Planners, we help working professionals take control of their financial position, meet their financial objectives and ultimately enjoy peace of mind.
By providing answers to the following questions:
❓What are your financial objectives (often a question people initially don't know the answer to!)? Are you on track to meet these? How? What is your strategy?
❓What age do you plan to retire? What income sources will you have to make this possible?
❓Are your pensions and investments performing as they should be? Are they helping you move towards your financial objectives or pushing you further away?
❓Are you currently fully utilising your available tax allowances? If not, why not?
❓What would happen if you were suddenly unable to work? What impact would that have on your finances?
By answering these questions, we can then understand where the current limitations are and work with you to build a financial plan that gives you that financial peace of mind.
We have used this exact approach to help countless working professionals take control of their financial future.
Why choose to work with us?:
✅ We are proud to offer a lifestyle financial planning service, with a focus on your goals and aspirations.
✅ We are a whole of market advice firm, meaning we can work with any provider on the market to make sure you are getting the best deal.
✅ We utilise technology to tailor the financial planning service specifically to you, and deliver recommendations which are easy to understand.
✅ After the initial plan, we can continue to work with you to ensure that you remain on track to meet your objectives as the years go by.
If this sounds like something that would benefit you, please get in touch for a complimentary initial conversation.

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Totum Financial Planning Limited is based in Prescot, has 2 employees, and 1 Advisor in Financial Services. Totum Financial Planning Limited is registered with the FCA (registration number: 990037). You can check the firm registration with the FCA here.

They are able to help you with a variety of financial advice requirements including:

Totum Financial Planning Limited can advise you on:
Pensions & Retirements
Financial Planning
Final Salary / Defined Benefit Transfer
Life Insurance
Commercial Insurance

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